The MUBOMA conducts guided tours and educational workshops to arranged groups of schoolchildren and other organisations from Monday to Friday, with the aim of bringing to the public everything related to the profession of fire-fighter.



Calling +34 965 54 44 18


Visit + Workshop: € 1.50 per student

Teachers: free admission

Christmas Workshops

During the Christmas campaign, for both children and primary school, only a thematic workshop on Tirisiti will be offered, for secondary ask for availability.

Workshops for founding stage

The landscape: compare with colours on a card the differences of a landscape before and after a fire.

Fire and water: make a collage with these two elements.

Workshops for primary

On Fires: discover with teaching cards several concepts about forest fires.

Fireman’s helmet: know the importance of protection and create a helmet.

The magic number: discover the hidden figure to know the number to call in case of emergency.

Fire truck: compose a fire truck with cardboard. (It requires more time, recommended for Third Primary Cycle).

Workshops for secondary – College – FE

Kim’s game: team activity. Remember the name and utility of MUBOMA material.

3D firefighters: basic techniques for drawing 3D firefighter objects.

Workshops for people with functional diversity

3D firefighters: basic techniques for drawing 3D firefighter objects.

Guess the Riddle: through touch discover different objects that firefighters use in their work (free).