Hobbies for children in kindergarten

Hobbies for elementary school children

Hobbies for high school students

From home

At MUBOMA we want you to continue learning and discovering more about the museum and the firefighting profession at home.

Therefore, in this section we bring you different activities, which we will expand little by little, to have fun and learn alone or in company.

Children’s activities

Auca del MuBoma

Learn about the history of MuBoma and the Firefighters through this comic book.

I count as before

Here is a nice story about a Gota
very special
Youth and adult activities

Adventure at MuBoma

We propose you to participate in an online escape game in which you will choose your own adventure.

MuBoma Trivia

Test yourself with these questions about MuBoma and the history of firefighters.

Solve this puzzle

This is the room of the trucks that you can see in the MuBoma, they are vehicles from the 50s and 60s.
Do you dare with the puzzle?