MuBoma Children’s Story Contest

28 Jul, 2020 | Activities

We present you the MuBoma Children’s Story Contest.

The bases to participate are the following:

  • The theme is free but the word fireman/firewoman and MuBoma must appear.
  • Participants can be from 6 to 12 years old.
  • All stories made from August 1 to 31 are valid.
  • The stories must have a maximum length of one page, written by hand or on a computer.
  • Each story is scanned or sent in .pdf format to the following email: with the details of the child, tutor and permission to publish on social networks.
  • The stories become the property of MuBoma, which will not make any commercial use of them. They will only be published on Social Networks (with the authorization of the tutors) for educational purposes.
  • The winner will be announced in early September. The MUBOMA team will contact those responsible for the minor.
  • The prize is a batch of MuBoma products (didactic workshops, posters, didactic guide, …).
  • All the stories sent will be included in a publication that will be delivered at Christmas for free to visitors who wish.