7 Sep, 2022 | News

We already have the winner of the 🖌️ IX SUMMER DRAWING CONTEST 🎨!!

After a long deliberation, the jury has decided that the winner is… 🏆 “Fire in the town”, by Elena, 8 years old (Albacete). 🏆

Congratulations Elena for your drawing that shows us the harsh reality that we have faced this summer, the forest fires. These are very dangerous because they destroy our landscape, our natural wealth and endanger our towns. In her drawing we can clearly see the difference in landscape between the burned area and the one that was not.

👩🚒 To everyone else THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PARTICIPATING!! This year we have had many more participations than other years and it is all thanks to you.

We hope to be able to count on all of you in the following contests and activities.